AddSecure Link – Smart IoT communications

A complete, reliable and flexible IoT solution, which you can administer yourself. Suitable if you want to connect and manage a larger number of devices in a secure and easy way. It gives you full control and is easy to scale up as needed.

Connect a large number of devices

AddSecure Link is a cellular and VPN connectivity solution for large customers and IoT system integrators. Create a secure and private cloud and manage your customers’ SIM cards in our platform for 2G, 3G, 4G, Narrow Band and LTE-M coverage with multiple carrier support across Europe and with the major carriers outside of Europe, for global coverage. Link provides a complete communication infrastructure for SIM cards, remote access and monitoring of secure critical communications to installations in all types of environments.


Easy to administrate

A high level of automation makes complex IP technology available to everyone.

Full control

Provides a quick and clear overview of all connections and connected devices.


Scales your private networks when needs are changing.

Secure connections

Invisible and with no leaks

Efficient and environmentally sound

So easy to manage that it actually gets used, on site visits may be a thing of the past.


AddSecure Link is created for customers, or application providers with customers, who need effective, secure and robust communications between equipment and facilities that are far away, and who does not want to manage the complex technology behind secure communications.

Typical users are:

• Operating managers with several facilities to monitor and optimize.
• Property managers with facilities spread over a geographical area.
• Service and operating staff who need to control, regulate, and monitor electricity, communications, building management, water supplies, or wastewater.


Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Set up your private network (VPN) in minutes, even without IP skills and knowledge.

2. Order and activate SIM cards with your profile and subscription type through the web portal.

3. Share connection accesses and certificates from the web portal.

Link Secure SIM

Link Secure SIM cards are connected to a Link Network (IP VPN, see below) in the AddSecure Link service. The mobile subscription works on 2G, 3G, 4G, and NB-IoT networks with almost all operators in the Europe and with the major carriers outside of Europe, for global coverage.

Secure SIM uses AddSecure Link’s access point name (APN), which separates traffic from the rest of the mobile data traffic. It directs all traffic to AddSecure’s gateway, which automatically assigns fixed IP addresses and ensures that all data automatically winds up in the correct Link Network. The traffic in the mobile network is always secure as it is encrypted—normally AES256 encryption on the 4G network.

Private networks

One of the challenges of creating an IoT solution is security. Adding layers of security as an afterthought can prove difficult. AddSecure Link makes it easy from start to create a complete private network (VPN) in minutes, encompassing all devices and systems that are supposed to communicate. The network is completely isolated from other internet traffic and closed for unauthorized users and devices. Multiple private networks can be created and managed to cater for separation of a partner’s different end customers, or separation of different types of traffic and systems.

The Link Manager web portal

In the web portal, Link Manager, all the tools necessary to establish and manage your network and connections are available. The user interface is intuitive, with clear guidance, and utilizes a high level of automation, limiting the risk of human errors and thereby increasing security in the deployed solutions.

  • Easy to manage – a complete overview of connections, SIM-cards and traffic plans. Order new SIM-cards, start, change and cancel subscriptions with a few mouse clicks.
  • Easy to manage – one tool for SIM-cards, data traffic management, and network management, a more complete view than standard SIM management tools.
  • Full control – the overview in Link Manager provides possibilities to follow up on cost and data volumes. Setting a fixed data limit per device is easy, ensuring full cost control and no surprises.
  • Scalable – Possibility to set up networks and connections, order new SIM-cards and VPN-certificates, available at your fingertips.


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