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IRIS-4 6 Series

The new IRIS-4 6 Series offers a cost-effective way to interface most fire and intruder alarm panels to IP and/or wireless networks, in addition to full integration with particular manufacturer’s…

IRIS-4 4 Series

The new IRIS-4 4 Series is suitable for use in existing enclosures and connects to any alarm panel, offering a highly flexible choice from Grade-2 to Grade-4 signaling options.

IRIS-4 2 Series

The IRIS-4 2 series is designed for commercial installations. Enclosed in a practical and elegant housing, it delivers comprehensive solutions for IP based alarm transmission.

Service Activator App

The Service Activator App enables installers to activate and deploy communications services from AddSecure. Swiftly scan barcodes and QR codes to safely activate Link SIM cards for immediate use.